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India is poised to accelerate the issuance of visas for Chinese technicians, aiming to resolve delays at manufacturing sites that have obstructed substantial investments.


Customs officials at Hong Kong International Airport made a significant discovery when they uncovered 11kg of suspected cocaine concealed within the cushions of an electric wheelchair.


Champion, the iconic sportswear brand with over a century of history, has found a new owner. Hanesbrands announced on Wednesday that it will sell Champion

Russia is contemplating the prospect of aligning with China in restricting the import of Japanese seafood. This decision comes in the wake of Japan's release of treated radioactive water from


North Korea has criticized China, Japan, and South Korea for discussing the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, labeling their joint declaration after a summit in



China's release of its latest official national map has stirred controversy and opposition from neighboring countries, including India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the


Singapore's political landscape witnessed a historic shift as Lawrence Wong, the country's first new prime minister in 20 years, convened his inaugural cabinet meeting.

During an official welcome ceremony in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital, a small group of Chinese Catholics excitedly waved their country's flag as they tried to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis.

Philippine officials are demanding the expulsion of Chinese diplomats following an alleged breach of protocol involving a leaked phone conversation with a Filipino military leader amidst


Hong Kong's population experienced a 2.1% increase from mid-last year to June this year, according to provisional government data released on Tuesday. This marks a significant upturn, the

Philippine law enforcement agencies are actively searching for the whereabouts of six Chinese nationals who were kidnapped in the capital region earlier this week, as reported by the police on


Hong Kong reported a notable growth in retail sales in June, marking the seventh consecutive month of expansion. The increase by 19.6% from the previous year was attributed to a recovery

The US Military in Japan Initiates Seafood Purchases in Response to China's Ban Following Fukushima Nuclear Plant's Treated Water Release.


Tesla Inc has announced a price reduction for its Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles in Japan, effective from the beginning of this month. The company has lowered the prices of all variants